SILVER FOR NIELS BEELEN -Belgian Championship for police in Heren

“Fought, fought and lost!”

That was the comment from Niels Beelen after the Belgian Championship for police in Herent.

The Limburg Baijot KROSS biker won silver at the Mollekens Mountain and had to surrender his title to Belgian Camille Martin, one of the top favorites. Yuri Coopman won the bronze in Herent.

Beelen took the first 4 rounds for his account. He got about 20 to 30m ahead Camille Martin. In the second half of the course, which was quite technical, he picked up every few meters. But Martin always came back in the first part of the course and therefore was better in the downhill.

“When I realized that he was coming back every time in the descent I changed my tactic and gambled on the final sprint. Camille played it smart and attacked in the same descent. He was in a greater acceleration and thus I had to let a few meters … I still gave everything in the last lap and came back again uphill to 10m. But every time he took away downhill again. In this way he won the game, unfortunately, because I had a super day.

So I lost the race downhill. On the technical part and uphill it went well. The course was not really for me, however the legs were there and I was in super condition. Camille Martin deserved to win! “Says Beelen after the game.

Next week Niels Belen will fly to the United States to defend Belgium and Kross in the World Championship for police forces.
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Belgian Championship – 40 years :
1. Camille Martin
2. Niels Beelen
3. Yoeri Coopman

Masters ( + 40) :
1. Dirk Buellens
2. Yve Neefs
3. Filip Van Hecke.

Thanks to Danny Zelck for the nice pictures and MTB Lily for the report.

Happy Bike Days, ROC d’Ardenne in Houffalize and Belgian Enduro Championship in Maboge


Great weekend in Houffalize where people came to test KROSS bikes at the Bike Happy Days Organized by O2Bikers.

We did get a lot support from our champions. Kross Team Xtreme Gravity and Team Baijot KROSS were present.


We thank Stéphane Ibens, Pepe Lazzara, Christophe Ibens, Vincent Lazzara, Bastien Renard from Team Xtreme Gravity KROSS.

We thank Simon Gueuning, Florent Gueuning, Ullens Thibault, Arthur Ullens, Joey Lathouwers and their famillies from Team Baijot KROSS.

They helped us make this event a success for KROSS.


Joey Lathouwers from Team Baijot KROSS participated at the 55km Marathon on Sunday and finished at the 19th place (out of 1600 participants). Congratulations to Joey!



KROSS wins the title of Belgian Champion in enduro in U17 category with Vincent Lazzara of Team KROSS Xtreme Gravity!

 Champ_Belgique_Enduro_2015_Maboge_Copyright_YDelhalle_VojoMag-4 Champ_Belgique_Enduro_2015_Maboge_Copyright_YDelhalle_VojoMag-9 (1)

Here are the official results of the Enduro Belgian Championship 2015 in Maboge for Team KROSS Xtreme Gravity:

VINCENT LAZZARA is Belgian champion U17

Sam Welsch is vice champion of Belgium U17

Christophe Ibens is 4th in U17

Gilles Scigala is 6th in U17


Xavier Theate’s 11th Elite

Justin Legros is 12th Elite

Bastien Renard’s 17th Elite

Lorenzo Lima’s 24th Elite


Fred Van de Weerdt is 11th in Master

Full story on


Another great weekend for Team Baijot KROSS

CUP 5 – Houtain Saint Siméon – 28th March 2015

Joey Cup 5 - 2 - 1 Pascal et Joey Cup 5 -2Joey Lathouwers and Pascal Hossay

After opening in Bilstain, the followers of the Cup 5 were racing this Saturday in Houtain-Saint-Siméon.

From the start, Pascal Hossay accompanies Gody Jacobs (winner), Niels Boon and Damien Bynens in the lead, followed a few seconds later by Joey Lathouwers in fifth position. Pascal will be forced to reintegrate the group of followers in the company of Joey Lathouwers before letting the group slip away after a tire puncture.

Finally, Joey Lathouwers ends up the race at an encouraging third position in Elite. Aurélien Michotte finishes 12th, Hervé Hustings 14th and Pascal Hossay 17th.

After a quick calculation, Joey should integrate the top 3 overall.

Pascal Cup 5 - 2Pascal Hossay

Flanders Cup – Pepingen – 29th March 2015

On Sunday the team was again racing this time in the Flanders Cup in Pepingen. And again the Baijot KROSS team members did very well as three of them finished in the Top 10 Elite.

Niels Beelen finished in 6th position while Joey Lathouwers and Dimitri Dedion ended respectively in 9th and 10th place.

NielsNiels Beelen – photographer Danny Zelck

09-10 May 2015 -Benelux Cup Erezée: Registration is now open.

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration to our serie of the Benelux Cup in Erezée!

Benelux Cup EREZEE 09-10 MAY 2015

UCI HC goal for 2016!

For our first edition, we are required to start with a category 2. But we are ambitious and we hope to meet the expectations of the UCI in order to be eligible for an “Hors Catégorie” in 2016. These standards are strict and the UCI is uncompromising! In order to meet the standards, we must, in addition to flawless organization, bring together a total of 15 nationalities with a minimum of 30 international participants. The budget for such an organization has been simulated and we are on track.

costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28219-97    costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28216-1552

For the delight of riders and spectator comfort.

The race track consists mainly of single tracks. To provide better visibility to the event, we have adapted our terrain to go through the city center. Spectators will be spoiled as the terrain has been designed to maximize the show. At the top of the circuit riders will link up steep downhills and demanding climbs. Spectators will see the riders three times at each turn from the same spot.

NIELS Thieusises Danny Z.2

A strategic date.

We expect a fair amount of champions from across Europe. Indeed, a week after Houffalize and a week before the BeMC, our event is conveniently scheduled for international teams who can gather many UCI points.

Visit the starting line and its village.

In addition to a few stalls from our partners, spectators will be able to wander among the stalls of the teams and go around with the riders before and after the races.

In short, a weekend not to be missed …



Jonas De Backer – Team Baijot KROSS at the Costa Blanca Bike Race


Spain – Costa Blanca Bike Race
Our Team finishes in 8th position

The opening of the European season took place on Thursday 23rd January with a UCI stage race (category S2) happening over four days. Played in pairs, the Costa Bianca Bike Race is an opportunity to fine-tune the preparation. Jonas De Backer (Team Baijot KROSS) was associated for this occasion with Jorgen Flion to form the Team KROSS FILIPSPORT.

For its second edition, the Spanish race presented a beautiful panel. The undisputed favorites were the duo Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez associated Jan Škarnitzl. Another big name, Alexandr Gebauher (former World Champion hopes) was also present.

The race is special because it is played in teams of two, and Jonas and his partner Jorgen had the ambition to finish in the top 10.

The first stage (Benidorm) was 44 km long and offered some 1,500 m positive decline.
The pair is complementary and finished the first stage at a nice tenth place.

However, things had a bad start: “The race started very strong, we were well placed, but at a crucial moment, we left the track in the company of a group taking the wrong direction. Fortunately, we came back quickly on the track. We had to overtake a lot of people, never knowing where we were.” said Jorgen before adding:” We did a good job. Jonas took the lead uphill, and I relayed downhill. Hopefully we will continue to win up positions in the coming days. »

The rider of the Team Baijot – KROSS meanwhile, was pleased with the good end of the first day: “We worked well together and we a strong finale. I am pleased with the sensations». Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez associated with the Czech Skarnitzl, won the first stage.

Second stage (l’Alfas del Pi) was a parcours of 6,88km against the clock with a steep hill from km 5 till the end.


After their good start in the first stage, Jonas and Jorgen delivered good against the clock.
The duo finished in 7th position. A good result, especially given the differences in time with some direct competitors.
Jonas De Backer: “The last two kilometers were very difficult. I felt super strong. We conceded 1 minutes to the winners, but we manage to win time against our direct competitors. »

Third Stage (Polop) – 60 km and 2300m positive decline.
On Saturday, Jonas De Backer and Jorgen Flion made a good start and quickly took a cautious pace. At two-thirds of the race, they raised their pace to regain some places, finishing 8th in the sprint for seventh place.


Jonas De Backer: “At the top of the main climb of the day, we were tenths. And like on Thursday, we have accelerated in the kilometers. We first picked up the Italian duo (second overall), then we took over Carabin and Van Aellebroek. Near to the finish we closed on a Portuguese duo, who at the end beat us at the sprint for seventh place.»

Fourth and final stage (Finestrat) – 53km
If all was almost said for the podium positions, it was still quite another story for the sixth place. Jonas and Jorgen were still fighting for a top 6. Four duos were within 38 seconds after 3 days of race. The team Kross – FILIPSPORT was in 8th position, six seconds ahead of Carabin / Van Aellebroeck. and only 32 second behind the sixth place occupied by the Cannondale team.

On Sunday Jonas and Jorgen finished 8th for the day. It should have been 7th if the organization would have noticed one of the other teams took a shortcut…
But let’s not linger on this and let’s congratulate Jonas and Jorgen for their fight at the “Costa Blanca Bike Race”.

Congratulations for their 8th place at the general classification.

costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28220-103 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28219-99 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28219-97 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28219-95 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28218-16 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28217-1042 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28216-1546 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28210-39 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28208-25 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28206-67 costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28229-138