Le Grand


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Le Grand is part of the KROSS Group and is dedicated to City bicycles.

A city bike is more than two wheels and a handlebar. It is something else than blood, sweat, and dirt. It is also much more than a beautiful bicycle. Le Grand is not just a city bike. Le Grand is a stylish city bike and you will fall head over heels for it! Whether you pedal every day or only on special occa- sions, Le Grand will proudly accompany you during urban bike rides.

Le Grand are stylish city bikes inspired
by the classic bicycle frames used in the towns over the years, with a touch of retro, but in a definitely modern form. We of-
fer solutions that were proven functional over the years, for example: chain guard, fenders, dynamo lighting or roller brakes. Meanwhile we go with the times – we use LED lighting, we install modern derailleurs, but what really matters, we follow the cycle style – we offer a variety of fashion- able colors of our bikes, we equip them with baskets loved by women, we offer high-quality components, such as leather saddles and grips in the premium models.

Le Grand consists of five lines for adults and two for younger riders, each of them is different in character, but all are well-de- signed.

That is why Le Grand responds to various needs of different people.

Whether a bike is a means of transport for you, a way to express your personal style or simply a form of recreation – you will find Le Grand that fits you perfect.

Catalogue: Catalogue Le Grand