I BOMBO by 2M Bikes


We develop and manufacture products to improve the comfort of all cyclers in public space. Each of our products undergoes quality evaluation tests to be as effective as possible, comfortable and to be used safely.

The idea of bicycle repair stations IBOMBO apperaed during sudden, occasional, technical problems with the bicycle on bike trips. Such failures can ruin an entire day of a joyful journey and destroy many plans.

Motorists have it in such situations much more easily than cyclists. In case of damage, our bicycle is not always equipped with the basic tools to perform a small, but necessary repair. The experience of many cyclists shows,
that although they have a tool case, their actions are often not very effective and the repairs are inefficient.

What extends or prevents the repair, if we are far from home, in a strange place and there is no bicycle repair service nearby?

No bike stand and the lack of necessary equipment for repair are a big problem. Obstacles pile up and the scheduled time for a short trip is running out very fast. Punctual arrival at the planned destination is being questioned.

The IBOMBO team provides a tool kit and air pump – for free, in the form of
a public bicycle repair station!

We take care of one important thing – if you can not perform the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently – by scanning the QR code with Your smartphone, You will be redirected to a website wit repair manuals.

The location depends on the initiative of the sponsoring companies, public institutions, private and public enterprises. On the surface of the device, they can advertise their services or products. IBOMBO helps every cyclist in need.
Cyclists suggest, that IBOMBO stations should be installed in the following areas:

● biking trails
● gas stations
● shopping centers and large stores
● office buildings
● large companies, where many people are employed
● bicycle parkings
● restaurants and cafes
● recreation areas
● bicycle shops and services
● campus

Repair stations are an excellent marketing product (CSR Marketing).
By allowing free help with easy bike tools, a investor always appeares positively – what more, IBOMBO can be equiped with additional bicycle acessories – like the skateboard grip – which increases the the amount of potential customers .

● IBOMBO PRS-sV1 – OHIM RCD no. 1366587
● IBOMBO PRS-LV2 – OHIM RCD no. 1382873