2MBikes – Your passion is Our job

EMAIL – info.2mbikes@gmail.com

Distribution and marketing of sports equipment.

The company sells equipment related to the cycle market and its accessories preferably by signing exclusivity contracts for Benelux with manufacturers.

The cycle market is growing steadily due to urban congestion, government incentives to abandon the car, need to practice sports and take care of one body.

2M Bikes aims to introduce new brands in the Benelux. These brands shall respond to a request for high quality products at a competitive price compared to the market leaders.

The origins of the project derive from long standing contacts with bicycle manufacturers and the finding that some brands of high quality were not present on the Benelux market.

2M Bikes distribute the I Bombo repair stations for bicycles.

In the Fitness world, 2M Bikes is distributing the products of CARE.2M Bikes is looking for a brand producing a range of electric bikes which is not yet present in the Benelux and thats show similar potential to Kross. We already work with several producers to expand our range of bikes including Zasada, also a manufacturer from Poland.

Subsequently , the company will diversify its range of products to other sports such as running, pro fitness and outdoor sports.

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Michel REICHER                                                                                                    Marc NICOLAS





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