Another great weekend for Team Baijot KROSS

CUP 5 – Houtain Saint Siméon – 28th March 2015

Joey Cup 5 - 2 - 1 Pascal et Joey Cup 5 -2Joey Lathouwers and Pascal Hossay

After opening in Bilstain, the followers of the Cup 5 were racing this Saturday in Houtain-Saint-Siméon.

From the start, Pascal Hossay accompanies Gody Jacobs (winner), Niels Boon and Damien Bynens in the lead, followed a few seconds later by Joey Lathouwers in fifth position. Pascal will be forced to reintegrate the group of followers in the company of Joey Lathouwers before letting the group slip away after a tire puncture.

Finally, Joey Lathouwers ends up the race at an encouraging third position in Elite. Aurélien Michotte finishes 12th, Hervé Hustings 14th and Pascal Hossay 17th.

After a quick calculation, Joey should integrate the top 3 overall.

Pascal Cup 5 - 2Pascal Hossay

Flanders Cup – Pepingen – 29th March 2015

On Sunday the team was again racing this time in the Flanders Cup in Pepingen. And again the Baijot KROSS team members did very well as three of them finished in the Top 10 Elite.

Niels Beelen finished in 6th position while Joey Lathouwers and Dimitri Dedion ended respectively in 9th and 10th place.

NielsNiels Beelen – photographer Danny Zelck

09-10 May 2015 -Benelux Cup Erezée: Registration is now open.

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration to our serie of the Benelux Cup in Erezée!

Benelux Cup EREZEE 09-10 MAY 2015

UCI HC goal for 2016!

For our first edition, we are required to start with a category 2. But we are ambitious and we hope to meet the expectations of the UCI in order to be eligible for an “Hors Catégorie” in 2016. These standards are strict and the UCI is uncompromising! In order to meet the standards, we must, in addition to flawless organization, bring together a total of 15 nationalities with a minimum of 30 international participants. The budget for such an organization has been simulated and we are on track.

costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28219-97    costa-blanca-bike-race-410002-28216-1552

For the delight of riders and spectator comfort.

The race track consists mainly of single tracks. To provide better visibility to the event, we have adapted our terrain to go through the city center. Spectators will be spoiled as the terrain has been designed to maximize the show. At the top of the circuit riders will link up steep downhills and demanding climbs. Spectators will see the riders three times at each turn from the same spot.

NIELS Thieusises Danny Z.2

A strategic date.

We expect a fair amount of champions from across Europe. Indeed, a week after Houffalize and a week before the BeMC, our event is conveniently scheduled for international teams who can gather many UCI points.

Visit the starting line and its village.

In addition to a few stalls from our partners, spectators will be able to wander among the stalls of the teams and go around with the riders before and after the races.

In short, a weekend not to be missed …